Mark Nesbit joined the British Army in 1996 and after a few successful years in the Royal Military Police, transfered to the Army Photographic Trade in 2003.  Since then he has served in a number of locations including UK, Germany, Poland, Canada, Iraq and Afghanistan.  He has had his images used in many national and international publications as well as web based output.  In recent years he has begun to build a profile as a working photographer with a view to perusing his love of photography once he leaves the Army.

To this end he created his website and company name ‘LIMEfotographic’, as a venture that would not focus on the photographic skills of an individual but to plan a larger concept of using the brand as a means to develop and encourage a quality of work and production with photographers who specialise in their own areas providing a quality of service and a continuity of product that the industry demands.

Mark has also taken on the role of convergence (the industry progression of combining stills photography with video), by taking on the role of ENG (Electronic News Gathering) camera operator in Afghanistan, providing industry standard footage for the national and international news stations.

The industry is in a period of renaissance where only the fittest will survive and not even the industry knows exactly where it is going.

It is going to pay to be adaptive, responsive and just plain dogged for many years to come and I only hope that as a result the industry comes out the other end better for it.

You can visit the website at

Or follow the blog to keep up to date with Mark and what he is doing.

Thanks for visiting.

  1. maxwell jhon yate nesbit said:

    maxwell jhon yate nesbit
    i love you lots and miss you and your website is amazing

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