Those left behind

Back home with my family after being away for such a long time is a relief.  I certainly cannot say I am not glad to be home but at the same time I am sad.  You go through so much with people that start off as strangers, many will become strangers again so soon.

Those soldiers serving their country do get a lot of recognition for their sacrifice but that will never be enough.  I have an understanding of the sacrifices that those left behind make.  I am of course referring to the families, the husbands, wives and children.

When we are serving away, the soldier lives a basic existence much of the time, but the mentality is to just ‘crack on’.  Something that works very well, although some find it easier than others.

My wife told me how she woke up in the middle of the night thinking she had heard the door bell.  Sweating, feeling sick she went to the door scared about what it might be.  She was petrified that she was getting the notification.  As it turned out there was no-one there, but that does not matter as I have an understanding now just how tough it is on loved ones left behind.  These fears are too real and a great many people do get those home visits.

I don’t know how they stay so strong, I suppose its necessity.  I am sure some partners can go close too madness.

So next time you consider those servicemen serving, spare a thought also for their families who go through their own kind of personal hell.

  1. Philip said:

    Good stuff mate

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