Face to face, a connection

This is one of my personal favourite shots from my tour of Iraq in 2007-2008.  I know the colour popping is not to everyone’s taste and is not something I tend to do much of, but this moment was one of intensity and connection that I felt I had to do something to separate them from the background, from everything that was going on around them.  This situation was played out in a small village just outside of Basra and it was usual for numerous kids to come right up to you, into your personal space and beg for sweets or water, or even just grab at anything hanging off your body armour.  In this instance this boy just stopped and looked up at the young soldier.  For a moment they just looked at each other and connected in some way.

This image sat in my portfolio submission for Operational photography in the 2008 Army photographic competition and is still an image that I enjoy.

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