Snapshots of the soldier

This post is really just a selection of images from a recent trip out which will hopefully give you an idea of what a soldier is.  They are random images that I hope will show we are human and they do have a sense of humor.

Soldiers will have a laugh whenever they can and will make light of anything even the bad.  On a recent trip one of the officers was shot in the leg during an operation and all the guys could talk about was how he had only been out here a few days and was already on his way home again, ‘lucky bastard!’

Of course this was what we term banter and like most things said out here is not to be taken seriously.  It is designed to lighten the load and of course everyone was glad he was not more seriously injured.

Mascots, the soldier will name their vehicle, stick mascots on it or personalise anything including their bed spaces.

Even when it gets cold, and boy does it get cold,

there are ways and means to feel the heat.

In confined spaces anywhere you can dry your kit, you use.

We love getting our mail and when it comes in so infrequently it can mean lots arriving at once.

There is always an opportunity to get into the party spirit, and sometimes you get the impression that fancy dress is code for hardly any dress at all.

Soldiers like getting tattoo’s and many of them have meaning, many of us have been here before and will come again.

Food HAS to be so hot you no longer taste it!

It does seem that out here most soldiers smoke.

It is difficult to keep your hair short or do Jedward have a lot to answer for?

Mustaches and Christmas hats should be worn at any and every opportunity.

Preparations to go out on an operation are a ritual, everyone has their own.  Nothing is ever taken for granted.

Although there is always time for a smile no matter how tense.

It is better to be ready early and then wait than wait til the last minute, it pays to be organised.

We are just regular people, just like anyone else but we adapt to circumstance and adversity, we just find a way to deal with things we would have no cause for otherwise.

If only!

  1. Nice stuff Mark – keep on looking for those less told stories – makes a nice change from the norm!
    Good work,

  2. Great selection and mix. Stay safe and post more. I enjoyed your view of life

    • Thanks Andrew, like I said this post was really just a collection of randoms, I hope you keep reading.

  3. Great stuff, haven’t looked at your blog before but I’ll take a tour round now like a Ninja, and keep reading!

  4. i know i’m biased but lovin the randoms! keep going, just think of your portfolio! love u, love your view on life even if u r a bit grumpy! hehe! mwah. xxxx

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