An afternoon in London with a manual focus 50mm f1.8 lens

Now then, if I am honest I am not a big fan of our nations capital.  Architecture aside, it is a sad and lonely place.  It never fails to surprise me how so many people can live in such a close proximity to each other and never connect.  I see so many people in a rush to get where they need to go and they just never seem to see outside of their bubble.  One thing London is very good for is opportunity and diversity.  There are an unlimited amount of photo opportunities and if it was just for photography I would spend a fortnight walking the streets just looking.

Looking up through the winter canopy

I have been playing around with an old manual focus f1.8 prime lens recently and decided to just walk about with this on a D3.  I like the depth of field you get although on manual focus sometimes it bites you.  Mostly I am convinced that this is due to laziness and auto focus, but I think at the wider apertures now on new lenses, it is virtually impossible to focus manually.  It’s fair to say though it is satisfying to do as much with the camera on manual!

City Bank sponsorship

One of the best things about this lens though is its size, I have got so used to shooting with the big bulky, imposing glass, that it just feels good to shoot with the innocuous pimple on the front of the camera.  I felt that I could be invisible (sort of), people were less inclined to duck and dive for cover at the sight of a huge lens.  This allowed for more possibilities.

The Steak house

  1. Nice stuff mate. Glad the prime is back out and your totally right – it is a great way to take pictures away from many of the constraints of the zooms.
    Top job.

  2. Thanks Ian, shame that soon after this I broke the lens. Do have my eye on another one now and I still have my 105 f2.

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