Playing with an old 50mm (f1.8) prime lens with manual focus

This weekend I dug out an old lens, a 50mm prime lens at f1.8.  Now this is a manual focus lens and having been a long time away from manual focus, this was particularly tough.  The modern lenses just do not help out when switching to manual.  Now although this was difficult especially with f1.8 close up shots trying to focus on the eyes of a two year old who just will not sit still, I really love the results and will do a lot more with this lens.  Prime lenses themselves are a challenge when you have gotten used to working with telephoto’s and there are some considerations that most of the time you just do not have like your position in relation to the subject.  The number of times I needed to move or move the subject is something that will take a little getting used to, but it does make you think a little harded about composition, angle etc.  All in all quite happy so far and I will be posting a few more images later this week.

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